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Natural Resource Officers unveil new uniforms in Northwest BC

Natural Resource Officers in the region have retired their old green uniforms and unveiled their new threads today.

The new uniforms will consist of black pants, forest green shirts, and new outerwear that clearly labels them as Natural Resource Officers.

Regional Manager with the Compliance and Enforcement Branch Rebecca Misener says, officers will be out and about mingling with citizens in Burns Lake, Smithers, and Terrace all this week.

“We will be making our presence known and hanging out with partners in the community while showing off our new look for the entirety of this week. We want the public to know what we do in the community so if you have any questions, feel free to ask an officer if you come across one.”

There are 14 officers who take care of the Northwest region of BC, so what exactly do the Natural Resource Officers do?

“We’re responsible for protecting crown land, forests, water, and cultural resources.  Let’s say there is a wildfire, we will investigate the situation and decide how the fire started and how to recover the costs due to those instances. We want to ensure the environment stays intact and that the government doesn’t lose revenue on provincial land. ”

Additional information on Natural Resource Officers in BC can be found here.

To report a potential violation you can click here.

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