Fire near Hislop Road, Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

Around 5 pm on Monday evening, fire crews were called to a trailer fire that broke out east of Tyhee Lake near Hislop road.

The smoke from the fire could be seen from Highway 16, which prompted Telkwa Fire Rescue to respond.

Although the call was just out of their jurisdiction, Telkwa Fire Chief Laurence Turney says he felt his crew could lend a hand.

“The call came in as a structural fire from multiple sources, so we sent our engine out there. Upon arrival, we found out the fire was just out of our district, which made things a little tricky to deal with. Forestry was on scene and essentially gave us the ok to help with the situation.”

The fire was said to be a single trailer fire which caused damage to a nearby structure, neither of which could be saved.

Turney says when they realized there was nothing they could do for the structures, the focus shifted towards containing the surrounding area.

“We got got lucky fighting this fire as the wind didn’t play much of a factor. There was a lot of green in the area and a driveway which prevented the fire from spreading. Essentially, our crew was able to hose down the area to ensure limited damage was done.”

Turney says the homeowner received minor injuries from the fire and was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.