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HomeNews"Buying liquor for minors, don't do it:" spokesperson

“Buying liquor for minors, don’t do it:” spokesperson

As graduation season is upon us here in the Bulkley Valley, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch is reminding residents to not buy alcohol for minors.

“Every month we have a social responsibility campaign,” says Viviana Zanocco, Liquor Branch Spokesperson.

“This month is don’t buy for minors. As we all know, graduation season is here not only in the Bulkley Valley but across the province. There are a lot of young people looking to celebrate and people must refrain from buying alcohol for those underage.”

Zanocco says even though we were all kids at one point, that is no excuse to supply a minor with booze.

“Every person who has been a grad can relate to this situation. It’s common knowledge that people indulge in drinking every once in awhile but we need to get away from that line of thinking. We’re asking people to think twice about the decisions they make. We want our youth to live a long and healthy life and these decisions can change their future forever. Graduates or any youth can celebrate safely without the need for alcohol, ensuring they make it home safely.”

Even though you can be ticketed for providing a minor with alcohol, Zanocco says that’s not the point.

“There are fines applicable if law enforcement or the proper officials catch you doing this sort of thing. It’s not about the fine you can receive though, it’s about doing the right thing. We want kids to make it home safely so one day they can indulge in adult beverages on their own time.”

According to HealthLinkBC, car crashes related to alcohol misuse are the leading cause of death for young people.

“Police advise youths and their parents to plan ahead about how teens will be getting to and from celebrations, and we mean all parties – including unsanctioned events,” said Delta Police Department Chief Neil Dubord in a statement, who is head of the Traffic Safety Committee for the BC Association of Chiefs of Police.

“This is a time of life filled with great excitement. Please make sure your teen doesn’t have to figure out that night if they’re sober enough to drive, or if they should get in a car with someone who may have been drinking and/or doing drugs. We want everyone home safe at the end of the night.”

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