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Ban on oil tanker bill to be voted on this week

The MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley will know the fate of his bill to ban oil tankers on the north coast by the end of this week.
Nathan Cullen introduced the bill in the House of Commons in September and has been spending time recently touring communities across B.C. to get feedback on it.
He says it has always been an uphill battle but he still remains hopeful.
“So we are trying to get the 10 votes we need from B.C. Conservative MPs in order to put it over the top,” he says. “It feels incredible,  thousands of people have signed the petition, people spreading the word through our ‘take back our coast’ website so the campaign has been impressive, so now it’s time to see the vote in the end.”
Cullen’s bill would also force more consultation in communities impacted by pipeline proposals and also put a damper in Enbridge’s plans for its Northern Gateway Project.

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