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Group launches LetBCvote website after Kitimat results

A group called the Dogwood Initiative is looking at launching a province-wide Enbridge pipeline referendum – if it’s needed.

Dogwood Initiative’s Kai Nagata says after seeing what happened with the Kitimat plebiscite the group began to wonder what would happen if all of B.C. were able to take part in a similar vote.

“The consultation process wasn’t democratic and there is no other opportunity to provide input as a citizen. So we say if you live in a democracy you should vote on it and the people who are most affected by a decision should be the ones who actually get to make that decision.”

Nagata says the Dogwood Initiative has now launched where residents can sign up in support of a province-wide vote in the event of federal and provincial approval of the pipeline.

“We are hoping that anybody who feels like they haven’t had a chance to weigh in as a citizen on this project goes to (the website) and signs up to support the initiative if and when we have to launch it.”

He says the more people care about something the more likely it is politicians will represent the public interest.

Nagata says B.C.’s direct democracy law allows any resident to bring a matter of provincial jurisdiction forward for a vote as long as they have collected the signatures of 10 per cent of voters in each political riding.

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