Phil Bandstra is the president of Bandstra Transport in Smithers and has been involved with the BC Trucking Association (BCTA) since 2009.

He was recently named 1st vice-chairman of the BCTA and speaks about that recognition.

“Bandstra has been apart of the BCTA for about 60 years now. The trucking industry has been more than good to the Bandstra family and we’re very thankful to provide such a key service to the region. By being active in the BCTA, it allows me the opportunity to promote this great industry, as well as, continue to provide direct consultations with the Provincial and Federal Governments on what works for the trucking sector.”

Bandstra says there aren’t many issues currently facing the BCTA, however, he did address one problem within the Province of BC.

“There’s certainly a shortage of available class one drivers out there, but it’s more than just being able to drive. We’re actually encouraging the government to make it more difficult to acquire a class one license. We need a way to ensure that those who are willing to drive, are more than capable of the task at hand.”

Bandstra says the BCTA is currently working with the Ministry of Transportation to develop a program called MELT, Mandatory Entry Level Training for class one drivers.

Bandstra finished by saying trucking operations usually happen at night, so if you want goods and services provided to your doorstep, please respect the truckers on the road.