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HomeNewsTaylor Bachrach announces plans for upcoming municipal election

Taylor Bachrach announces plans for upcoming municipal election

(L-R) Smithers Mayor, Taylor Bachrach. Smithers Fire Chief, Keith Stecko. | Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

Smithers current Mayor, Taylor Bachrach, has announced today that he plans on running for Smithers Mayor in the upcoming fall election.

Bachrach says he’s been mulling the idea to run again for quite some time now.

“I’ve been reflecting on this decision over the past couple weeks with my family. What I’ve realized is, I love Smithers more than ever and I wake up every day excited about the potential that our community holds. It’s been a tremendous honor to serve as Mayor and I hope I will have the chance to continue serving the community.”

As of now, Bachrach is the first and only candidate to announce their running for Smithers Mayor. This is familiar territory for Bachrach, as he was the only one to run in 2014.

(L-R) Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach, Councillor Gladys Atrill, Councillor Phil Brienesse, Councillor Greg Brown, Councillor Shelley Browne | Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

“That year (2014) I actually won by acclamation which means I won because nobody ran against me. That was definitely an interesting experience, but I’ll take it. Regardless of the reasoning for that outcome, I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve a community that holds a place near and dear to my heart. I think Smithers is doing really well and that’s been a big part of this reflection period. ”

In terms of the community doing well and the reflection period, Bachrach talks about some of the key priorities he and his council have addressed during this term.

“One of them is the supportive housing project that’s going in behind Town Hall. That project is something the community has talked about for well over 10 years and I’m excited for the construction to begin this summer. Another key project for Council has been the airport expansion. It’s the largest infrastructure project in Smithers history. Those investments are going to safeguard our airport, which everyone knows is so key for the future of Smithers.  Other things would include lowering parking fees downtown and making it more accessible, as well as, a designed outline for a revitalized downtown core. I’m excited about the direction that Smithers is headed in and the future has never looked brighter.”

Bachrach first won his position as Mayor back in 2011, defeating the incumbent Mayor, Cress Farrow.

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