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Fire leaves Smithers family without home

A weekend fire has left a Smithers family without a rental home.

Andrew Creyke says it was just him and their seven-month-old son at home on Friday night when a fire broke out in the ceiling above the nursery.

He says it was the neighbours who warned him of the fire when the smoke alarm failed to go off.

“They saw smoke coming out both ends and then they came knocking on the door. So I got baby out and as soon as we got out…the centre ceiling fan, flames just started shooting out.”

Creyke says he had smelled a weird burning apples smell in the nursery earlier in the day, causing him to move the baby to the master bedroom, but he had no idea a fire was smoldering inside the roof.

He says the fire destroyed most of the baby’s clothes and belongings but the fire department was able to save the crib.

“We lost everything in the baby’s room, water damage to our daughter’s room, water damage to our room and the bathroom has a foot of insulation in it and there’s insulation all over the living room.”

He says damage to the rest of the house has left it unlivable and the family of four is now looking for a new rental home and accepting donations of baby boy clothing to replace what was lost in the blaze.

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