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HomeNewsBCAA asks residents to vote on worst roads

BCAA asks residents to vote on worst roads

BCAA is conducting another Worst Roads of B.C. survey.

BCAA’s Ken Cousin says this is the fourth annual worst roads survey and northern roads do make the annual list.

“It’s all about safety. So we are looking for roads that are full of potholes, traffic, deteriorating badly, poorly marked, poorly signed any of those kinds of things. Anything that can make it difficult to drive on or scary for anyone to use.”

He says in 2013, 87 stretches of northern roads were voted as bad by drivers.

Anyone wanting to vote on a road in the Bulkley Valley in need of upgrades can visit

“What we do with the results is we share them with local municipalities and government. We have had some good response from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure comparing our results to the planned road improvements throughout the province.”

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