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HomeNewsMother and cubs getting a lift out of town

Mother and cubs getting a lift out of town

Smithers conservation officer Flint Knibbs says it didn’t take long for the bears to start getting into trouble after waking up from hibernation.

Knibbs says yesterday officers received reports of a mother bear with two cubs hanging around town.

“They were down in the Elks ball field and Muheim School area. They were essentially just hanging around everywhere. They were over by the school yard when school got out and the school was in a bit of a panic with all the kids that were leaving.”

He says when officers found them, the mother and cubs were up a tree.

The bears were tranquilized and trapped and will be moved out of town this morning.

Flint says there have already been other reports of hungry bears getting into barbecues, bird feeders and garbage.

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