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Local school district not facing big layoffs or cuts

School District 54 superintendent, Chris van der Mark says despite news about massive layoffs and cuts in other districts, like Coquitlam, the budget here is pretty intact.

“Like a lot of districts in the province we have some shrinking enrollment and stuff like that but our budget looks pretty healthy. Our secretary treasurer and assistant secretary treasurer have done a really good job working with us to ensure that we can have people in the right spot and supporting the programs that make a difference for learning.”

He says there are always some layoffs that come out of filled temporary positions or enrollment declines but he says there won’t be any large-scale layoffs in the Bulkley Valley.

He says the school district is excited to be expanding programs such as the Houston trades programs and elementary band programs.

He says the school board is working hard to make smart financial decisions and feels pretty good about this year’s budget.

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