Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen is touring the Northwest with his new Federal leader, which included a stop in Smithers on Monday.

Jagmeet Singh won the NDP federal election in October 2017.

Cullen says showing the Orange party boss is important, especially when they return to Ottawa.

“A lot of politicians fly in here for just a meeting and for half a day. Well, we have Jagmeet for a whole bunch of time while up here and I really wanted him to experience not only the beauty but the vastness of what it is to live here and represent this place and get him a real understanding of that.”

The NDP’s Deputy Finance Critic introduced Singh to local residents and businesses, talking about the issues that matter to them.

Cullen believes voices need to be heard.

“Salmon is a real big issues up here! We just met with some folks who deal with salmon and the small business community up here is very important to me because it keeps us diverse; what kind of challenges we face there are real this year. It’s a bad year for fishing and I would like to get Jagmeet to really understand how important it is to us culturally.”

He says no matter who the leader of the country is, it’s important they make an appearance in the communities of all their Federal-winning ridings to truly understand the struggles that Northern and Northwest BC faces.