Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

The Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club (BVRG) is concerned about the ailing moose population in the province and intend on doing something about it.

The BVRG plans on unveiling a voluntary program for the upcoming hunting season, to collect data from licensed hunters and their harvested moose in the region, as they believe the latest moose population numbers are a tad “soft”.

Here’s BVRG representative Tom Smith with the details of this initiative.

“If the number of moose are declining in the area, we as the BVRG want to stay proactive and do something about it. This initiative we’re trying out this season is a voluntary tooth submission program. We plan on collecting as many teeth as possible from harvested moose in the region.”

With that information, officials will be able to get a better grasp of both the total number and age structure of the moose harvested this season. The BVRG plans on turning this data over to provincial biologists to allow for improved moose management.

Currently, portions of the Region 6 hunting zone have legal requirements for licensed hunters to report harvested moose to the government. Most of the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District (BVLD) do not follow these same guidelines.

The BVRG did reach out to Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development Minister Doug Donaldson on the issue.

A request was made on behalf of the club to make it a legal requirement for area residents to submit moose information and a tooth to the Wildlife Branch but it was denied as it “focused only on successful hunts.”

As an added incentive for hunters to participate, anyone who submits a moose tooth in the area will be eligible for a draw. First prize will be 2 nights accommodation at the Tukii Lodge, donated by Babine Guide Outfitters.

At this time, there are no depots set up to collect this data from licensed hunters in the BVLD. The BVRG plans on unveiling these locations in the near future so until then, club representatives say hang tight.

For further information on this matter, you can contact Tom Smith at 250-847-4125 or email the BVRG at