The Village of Witset has asked for a letter of support and they will receive just that from the Town of Smithers.

What may you ask is this letter of support for? Well, Witset plans on applying for the BC Rural Dividend Program to hopefully expand the Widzin Kwah Canyon.

Officials plan on applying for $110,000 worth of funding for what is known as “Phase 1 of the Canyon Development Plan.”

Smithers Councillor, Gladys Atrill

Smithers Councillor Gladys Atrill was head of the discussion at the Town Hall meeting this week and speaks about the importance of supporting Witset.

“Witset has been very active over the past couple years attempting to enhance the Canyon and a lot of these grant programs require letters of support. The Town of Smithers has decided to back Witset in this initiative and we’re excited about the potential work that could be done. Projects like this will impact the entire economic region and as a neighboring community, it’s our job to support that.”

Often times, municipalities reach out to the Town of Smithers for letters of support and Atrill hopes these communities will show the same support when the time comes.

“The biggest discussion we had as Council was we wanted to make sure that this favor would be returned if needed. We as a Town will be applying for similar grant dollars so it’s nice knowing that support would be reciprocated. We decided to ask for a letter of support from Witset for our Dividend Program application as well. Generally, the feel from Council is excitement towards what’s going on in Witset. We can only hope for that same generosity to be returned and I’m sure it will be.”

If Witset receives the provincial funding, they plan on turning the Highway 16 rest-stop into a tourism hub as it sits along the popular circle tour route to Alaska.