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Recap of first week of Smithers recycling

Smithers recycling liaison , Alexie Stephes is proud of how much material was recycled in the first week of curbside pickup.

“There was an impressive amount of recycling for sure by the residents opf Smithers who have the curbside program. It was just under 10,000 kilograms which is just under 22,000 pounds of recycling materials.”

On average each day last week saw just under 2,000 kilograms of material diverted from the landfill.

Stephens says that’s a lot of a town that has never had curbside pickup before.

She says the high amounts may have been from residents saving up their recyclables for a couple weeks before the first pick up but she doesn’t expect the numbers to drop too significantly.

She says items that are showing up in the bins that aren’t supposed to be there include plastic bags, Styrofoam and returnable bottles and cans.

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