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New website allows donations for local projects

An new website aimed at raising money for local non profit projects is up and running.

Bulkley Valley Economic Development Association’s Allan Stroet says the Invest Local B.C. website works like a Kickstarter campaign by allowing non profits to sign up and solicit funding for projects.

“If I see a cause that I like I can contribute money to it and as the total comes up the project gets funded. If the doesn’t achieve its goal than everyone who did contribute to it doesn’t have to pay.”

He says the Invest Local B.C. website, launched by the Community Futures Stuart Nechako, is a good way for residents and those who have moved away to still invest in the communities they love.

Stroet says in time the website may allow other groups and individuals to start their own fundraising campaigns but for now only non profits can use the crowd sourcing site.

The first project on the site is a local school seeking funding for a 3-D printer for the students.

for more information or to sign up visit

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