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If you are traveling around the Hazelton area tomorrow, stop at the Visitor Centre for Emergency Services Day between 12-3 pm.

Here’s local RCMP Constable, Kevin Hopkinson with how it all began.

“I transferred into the Hazelton area nearly 3 years ago now. What I learned at my last post is that people don’t fully understand the services that are available to them. With that information, I decided to bring it along to Hazelton and created Emergency Services Day for residents. It’s a great way to meet your local mounties, medical responders, and fire department. Establishing contact with these local services is key, so I encourage everyone to comeĀ and check it out.”

At this year’s event, there will be such things as:

  • Bike safety tips
  • Free food and beverages
  • Drug information sessions
  • Tools of the RCMP work-station
  • An impaired go-cart simulator with beer goggles

Hopkinson says the activities range from year to year. For example, in the past, they’ve had things like roll-over simulators to showcase seatbelt safety.

Although this event is free and welcomes all members of the public, Hopkinson says they really have one target demographic in mind.

“We tend to focus on the youth. During the summer months, children are really active so it’s important to share these messages with them. If we can reach them at an early age, hopefully, they will retain some of this information going forward.”