At this point, even living under a rock wouldn’t prevent you from being impacted by this heat and smoke currently lingering in the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District.

With that, Northern Health is recommending a few things for staying safe.

Here’s Medical Health Officer, Rakel Kling.

“Let’s talk about the heat first. We have been experiencing a bit of a heat-wave over the past little bit. Temperatures are relatively warm outside, which has caused a slight concern for area residents. During this time, it is recommended that people stay as cool and hydrated as possible. If you can, reduce your outdoor activity and seek air-conditioning as much as possible. No matter how hot it is, do not leave your children or pets in a vehicle, even with a window down.”

Kling says there is no specific amount of water an individual should drink, as it varies per person.

Now for the smoky skies advisory. Air is something we all share. With that, Kling says there is one particular group of people we have to be careful with.

“We ask that outdoor activity is significantly reduced for those who have breathing issues such as asthma. During these times, being outdoors for prolonged periods can cause a bit more harm than good. It is recommended that you monitor your breathing regularly and if you have any troubles due to this smoke, you should consult with a medical professional immediately.”

Kling says residents should always check in on their neighbors and seniors living within the vicinity, to see how they’re dealing with this heat and smoke.

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