Stock Image | Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

If you were one of the individuals who braved the heat yesterday in Burns Lake, kudos to you.

Not only did you survive the heat but you also etched your name in history.

With the announcement, here’s Environment Canada Meteorologist, Lisa Erven.

“As anticipated, our ridge of high-pressure remained in place yesterday (Monday), which left things relatively hot. With that, we set a few temperature records throughout the province. One of those places was Burns Lake. Temperatures yesterday reached 34.1 degrees for a day-time high, breaking the record of 33.3 set back in 2009.”

Now, Erven expects temperatures will drop back down to seasonal.

“We’re going to see a cooling pattern control most of the region starting today. Day-time highs in the Burns Lake area are only set to reach 29 degrees today and for Wednesday, we’re expecting a high of only 24. That is all thanks to this trough of cooler air that will make it’s way over the province in the coming days.”

For a refined area forecast, click here.