Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

Yesterday (July 30th), reports surfaced online that the BC Wildfire Service sent a notice out to regional stakeholders, forewarning them of a potential fire ban for the Northwest District.

The Northwest Fire Centre’s Carolyn Bartos has now confirmed that the anticipated fire ban has been rescinded.

“No campfire bans or open fire prohibitions will come into effect in the Northwest Fire Centre. The decision to implement these bans and prohibitions has been changed due to a shift in the weather pattern for this week. We are expecting more seasonal temperatures with precipitation as the week progresses. Just to reiterate, all open burning prohibitions and campfire bans will no longer take effect as of Tuesday, July 31, 2018, throughout the Northwest Fire Centre.”

During this time, residents are asked to be extremely vigilant when conducting any sort of burn.

To report a potential wildfire or for additional information on the BC Wildfire Service, click here.