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HomeNewsHot temperatures can have negative impact on pregnant women

Hot temperatures can have negative impact on pregnant women

The summer months with temperatures hitting the 30 mark can be hard on pregnant women.

Soon to be mothers are more prone to the sun and can experience signs of weakness, fatigue, lightheadedness or excessive thirst very easily by being outside on hot days too long.

Dr. Nicole Todd even adds smokey skies can be extremely harmful to pregnant women.

“We do recommend women who are pregnant and have any airway problems, most common being Asthma, that they really watch how much time they spend outside exposed to poor air quality.”

It’s not uncommon for doctors to see pregnant women come into emergency rooms to seek medical help during hot summer months.

“When a woman becomes dehydrated she can have what is called an irritable uterus that can give the sensation of preterm labor. If not treated accordingly, she could go into preterm labor,” added Todd

Doctors don’t want pregnant women to avoid activities in the sun but if they plan to be outside, make sure to have sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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