Canada’s job vacancies rate reached new highest in the year’s second quarter to 3.1 per cent, with BC holding 62,200 unfilled positions.

A majority of these positions have been opened for four months, which creates a challenge for smaller businesses trying to find a new person.

Western Economist Aaron Aerts says people end up working for bigger companies because they have more assets.

“Large businesses are able to put more resources into advertising and are able to go out there and find candidates more but also, employees look too big businesses rather than businesses.”

What smaller businesses in the north should do is cast a bigger web into the hiring market, adds Aerts.

“One thing we have been encouraging our small businesses members to do is to start looking at posting the ads outside of the local job boards. You need to make sure you are reaching out beyond areas like Prince George, and look at areas like the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan to try and encourage people to move up.”