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RCMP watching for speeders in Northern BC school zones

An RCMP officer watches on-coming vehicles with a speed gun in hand | Kyle Balzer, My Bulkley Lakes Now

Slow down in schools zones!

That’s the message from Northern BC RCMP that some drivers on the roads don’t seem to be understanding even with the 30-kilometer-per-hour speed limit in full force.

RCMP Sergeant Matt LaBelle says speed and congestion can easily be avoided this time of year.

“It’s perfectly fine to drop off your kids off a couple blocks away from school and allow them to walk in. The city provides great services here in terms of sidewalks and other safe quarters for those young pedestrians to get to school. We, as parents, need to encourage the kids to walk to school for that couple blocks. We don’t need to drop them off immediately as the close to the door as we can.”

LaBelle believes all parents should be setting a good example for their children when driving in slower areas and following the rules of the road.

“Parents need to demonstrate safe driving skills with their children. Don’t stop in the middle of traffic and have your kids run out into traffic. Pull over to the side of the road where it’s safe to do so and stay on the sidewalk; look both ways before crossing the street.”

The minimum fine for speeding in a school zone is $196, and increases following each offence.

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