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Community walk to Witset

Tomorrow morning there will be a community walk to the village of Witset to celebrate the launch of Tyler McCreary’s book, Shared Histories.

The book is about the Witsuwit’en-settler relations in Smithers from 1913 to 1979.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says that the book “grew out of an initiative between the town of Smithers and the Witsuwit’en chiefs.” He said that the chiefs identified the need to look into this history as a priority.

The book and covers the founding of Smithers and the destruction of the Witsuwit’en Indigenous community known as Indiantown.

Chief Na’moks of the Witsuwit’en says the book is the “true definition of what reciliation is. It is about telling past history, some may think it is a brutal history but it is still history. So it has to come from the side of Witsuwit’en.”

The walk starts 6AM at the Bulkley Valley Museum with a break for lunch at Evelyn Hall at 12PM.

Chiefs will then welcome the walkers into the community at 4:30PM and then the feast will begin.

Chief Na’moks says those wanting to participate are welcome to join the walk anywhere along the route.

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