The College of New Caledonia is raising awareness to its Foreign Students about potential scams they may encounter.

The college put up a poster on one of its Facebook pages letting their international students know about the kind of scams that do exist including those posing as government agencies wanting personal information by text or email.

The college had a close call, prompting the new poster.

“Just recently in September, we had an incident with one of our students at the Prince George Campus and so for us now we have become very aware of the impact it can have with our students,” said Alyson Gourley-Cramer, Executive Director of Communications.

“Whenever you have somebody on your campus who is experiencing this type of situation it really brings the whole thing home. It has affected our faculty and our employees because we really do care about our students and we have a very strong international education team.”

She further explains why out-of-country students can be perceived as easy targets.

“I think anytime you are overseas and away from friends and family you feel quite vulnerable and that could be one of the reasons why they are falling victim to these types of incidents.”

Some CNC international students have been the target of e-mail and social media scams where they are targeted by individuals who are often anonymous who get in contact and threaten them, their family or status in Canada.

Gourlay-Cramer says the students feel confident about reporting these incidents to faculty and staff who have a direct link to the RCMP who can investigate any case that comes up.