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HomeNewsNorthern Health professional outlines the best ways to deal with workplace burnout

Northern Health professional outlines the best ways to deal with workplace burnout

It’s a feeling all too common in some workplaces across Northern BC.

The stressful, sinking feeling of workplace burnout can really drag down employees if they’re not feeling up to par while at the office.

This can take a toll on your mental health says Northern Health Medical Officer, Rakel Kling.

“It is something that we don’t talk about enough and it’s important for the workplace to acknowledge that this does happen and it certainly can creep into to other mental health issues and can lead to anxiety and depression.”

Based on her own personal experience, something as easy as daily goal setting can make a big difference according to Kling.

“Something that I personally do is jot down a few things that I think are important to get done for the day and I try to be realistic given the meetings I have in my schedule and I just try to understand what I can accomplish during the day.”

Maintaining a positive attitude can help mitigate those miserable feelings.

“It will help get rid of some of those negative feelings people have or negative thoughts that creep into your head and just trying to see the positives in things can really help ward off feelings of stress or burnout.”

Getting re-engaged with things you feel most passionate about can also help you snap out of that funk

“Doing things that make you feel very happy is very important and sometimes its ok to get rid of the things that don’t make you feel happy if you can do that and maybe try and get enough sleep every day and make time of exercise.”

Northern Health’s Dr. Raina Fumerton also outlined her thoughts on this topic earlier this month and can be found here.

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