A husband and wife from Smithers are a million dollars richer after winning the most recent Lotto Max prize over the weekend.

The winners are Stephen and Brenda Graf bought the ticket at the Safeway in town and Stephen says it took a while for the victory to sink in.

“I found out about it on Saturday morning there as I was heading off to work and my wife was sitting on the couch and she says Stephen we’ve won a million dollars! and I said no! and then she showed me her computer and then I looked at the ticket and then I was like yeah I won a million dollars that’s pretty cool.”

He adds winning the lotto was the last thing from his mind when they bought the ticket.

“I’ve been buying the tickets for years and the most I have won is ten or twenty bucks.”

As for what they both plan on doing with the money, Graf said they have a few things in mind.

“First off, we’re going to put it in the bank and maybe think about a holiday and maybe think about some upgrades to the house.”

This was one of two lotto prizes in consecutive weeks that had been purchased in the north with the other being a $500,000 prize still unclaimed with the winning ticket bought in Prince George.