At Tuesday night’s meeting, Smithers Councillor Bill Goodacre was given the Freedom of Municipality Award and Key to the City in recognition of his years of service on town council.

Since 1990, Goodacre has served 19 years as a town councillor also serving one term as Skeena MLA, and taking one term off to run for mayor.

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach described him as a mentor who saw the good in all people.

“Yours is rarely the loudest voice Bill but you show up at everything, and it has been a steady voice, and it has been singing the same tune for a long time. Its made our community better,” says Bachrach.

Councillor Phil Brienesse echoed this sentiment adding that the moments when Goodacre did speak you knew it was important.

“You always bring me back to that place about what it’s all about, and that is the people,” Brienesse added.

Goodacre, part of one of the Town’s oldest families, played an integral part in the communities growing relationship with the Wet’suwet’en and the recent Shared Histories project.

Bachrach adds that he was a “tireless champion for indigenous people in our community.”

Many people, both councillors and residents, lined up to pay their respects to Goodacre as he concludes his last council meeting.

Councillor Bill Goodacre gets key to the city, hugged by residents | Sawyer Bogdan, My Bulkley Lakes Now

Councillor Bill Goodacre gets key to the city, posed with family | Sawyer Bogdan, My Bulkley Lakes Now