Three communities within the Bulkley Valley are receiving funding to support adult literacy programs.

The programs help adults with reading, writing, math and computer skills for everyday life.

The funding comes from the province and is facilitated by Coast Mountain College to thirteen programs, five of which are in Houston, Smithers, and Hazleton.

. Community Family Literacy Program by the Houston Link to Learning Society: $21,431
. Community Adult Literacy Program by the Houston Link to Learning Society: $24,770
. Community Learning Services – Smithers Community Services Association: $24,564
. Literacy on Wheels in Hazelton: $16,75
. K’yuuksxw, Waking Up to Change / Storytellers’ Foundation in Hazelton: $30,000

Manager for Houston Link to Learning, Marian Ells says that the funding is something they apply for every year to support programs that have a huge impact on the community.

Adding that they have a variety of programs that support anywhere from 10 to 200 people at a time.

She says the need to support programs like the Houston Link to Learning is only growing.

According to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, more than 700,000 adults in B.C. have significant challenges with literacy.

In addition, there is 45 per cent of adults in B.C. have some difficulty with daily living tasks like difficulty understanding newspapers, reading health information and following instruction manuals.