A temporary solution is in the works for the Bulkley Valley Museum’s storage problems.

Council is looking into using part of the town hall to help the museum with their ever-growing storage issue for the town’s artifacts.

Museum curator Kira Westby said the current building they moved to in the 70s was only supposed to be a temporary solution.

“There is not enough space on site so we do have materials stored off-site which is problematic because we can’t keep a close eye on them, they are not readily accessible to staff and also that the conditions they are stored in are not in great shape,” said Westby.

Adding that the recent shared histories project relied heavily on the photos and archives the museum is trying to preserve.

“We get along the best we can in this space, but in terms of storage, it is not to the standards that Canadian museums should be at,” added Westby.

The current building she says does not have a proper system to regulate temperature, and it does not have an adequate fire suppression system.

The fear she says that the artifacts and archives are irreplaceable and in the event of an accident they would be gone forever.

“The museum appreciates that council listened to our concerns and helping us work towards a temporary solution and recognizes the pressures we are under,” said Westby.