The semi-annual six by six auction was a big success on Friday raising close to $11,000.

Manager for the Smithers Art Galley Kristin Charlton says they sold over 300 pieces of art.

“This is definitely on par with the last year or even more successful,” said Charlton.

Charlton said the room was so busy that she had to get on the floor and crawl to get to the bidding sheets.

The highest price paid Charlton said was for a three-piece set that sold for $430 and the most someone paid for a single piece of art was $186.

She adds that the six by six auction supports all ages in the community who are interested in art.

“There was a wide range; it is interesting because our courses are generally female, but a lot of guys put artwork in, and I also encouraged younger students to put artwork in,” Charlton added.

Leading up to the auction she says a lot of families and friends got together to paint there six by six panels bringing people together over art.

Adding that it shows how many people want to be involved in the Smithers art community.