A group of parents in Witset are running a monthly movie night to fundraise for community programs.

Community Volunteer, Charmayne Nikal says instead of just putting the money towards one program they decided to spread it out between the after-school club, local hockey teams, elementary school class trip, and elders.

Nikal says the money would go towards things like buying cleats and shin guards for kids soccer in the after-school program and helping the elementary pay with the annual class trip.

Courtesy of Witset Band Facebook page

The Family movie night starts Friday night is at the Witset Band Office-Feast Hall beginning at 6 pm, and admission is only $2.

. October 26: Haunted Mansion
. November 16: The Lion King
. December 14: Polar Express

The goal Nikal says is to try and rise between $300 to $400 a month.

“Volunteering is rewarding in itself for us. We are providing something for the community at a very low cost, and it provides leadership for some of our students who participate,” said Nikal.

She adds that she hopes that it helps to give families something to do together.

“It is providing that positive approach in our community because a lot of them don’t have the means to drive to Smithers and its expensive for a family of five or six kids,” added Nikal.

She adds that movie night is open to anyone in the Bulkley Valley who wants to come to support them.