The Bulkley Valley Museum is getting ready for their 4th Annual Cemetery Walk.

Museum Curator, Kira Westby says this year the museum is focusing on local merchants before the 1940s.

“Every year we feature new individuals spend weeks reaching their lives, their histories, and their contributions to Smithers,” said Westby.

The walk is going to be on both Saturday and Sunday to let more people participate.

Westby said it will start at 12 pm on both days and donation are not necessary but do help the museum continue to do programs like this.

The walk she said it gives “us an opportunity to share stories of some of these people who helped build the community.”

One of the community members they are featuring this year Margaret Dunlop, a local merchant born in 1879 and died at the age of 68 in 1947.

“I was excited to feature her because women in the past are often subsumed under the achievements of their husband, so it was exciting for me to find a female entrepreneur in the community to feature,” added Westby.