As winter approaches, everyone is getting ready for a nice layer of snow to coat the hills so the ski and snowboard season can finally begin.

Affording the equipment for the coming season is another story though.

The Cross Country Ski Club is partnering with the Smithers Ski and Board Club for their annual gear swap.

Cross Country Ski Club Communications Director, Ben Forsyth says “ People usually line up early to get the good stuff.”

The Swap is taking place at Walnut Park Elementary School from 9 to 12 This Saturday.

Those wanting to sell items need to drop them off between 6 to 8 pm before the swap begins.

Forsyth says there is a $2 entrance fee that the clubs will split adding that 15 per cent of all the money made from the sales will go to the club of the sellers choice.

The Cross Country Ski Club will be putting the money towards their youth program they run every winter for kids starting to ski as young at four-years-old.

At the end of the day, its a chance for people get rid of some old equipment or find something new for an affordable price.