The Red Cross says the funds from the 2017 wildfire season have already been spent or allocated to relief efforts.

This comes in response to the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako saying there is approximately $100-million in unspent wildfire relief from the 2017 season.

Vise-Present President the Red Cross in British Columbia and Yukon, Kimberley Nemrava says the numbers they are using are from an outdated report.

“The report shows funds spent by the end of March. Since then funds are continuing to be committed and spent. The numbers are not wrong they are just from an earlier date,“ Nemrava said.

She said it is essential that people know donations they give to a specific cause go to helping support that effort.

The funds are part of a multi-year recovery effort that includes helping people prepare better for the next disaster.

The RDBN took issue with the fact the funding was less than it had been in the previous year.

However, Nemrava said that is because fewer people were affected which unfortunately meant fewer resources were available.

“Our priority continues to be getting that funding out to people who need it as quickly as we can,” she said.