Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP, Nathan Cullen is urging the federal government to negotiate the steep tariffs on Canadian aluminum, steel, and softwood lumber.

He said Canada has an opportunity with the newly elected U.S, government not wanting to sign off on USMCA to add in that the U.S. get rid of the tariffs.

”It’s about being able to trade with our American neighbours fairly and being able to stand up to them which Trudeau was unable or willing to do,” said Cullen.

He said if the tariffs are not dealt with now they could stay in place for years to come.

Adding, If the tariffs are not gone soon the country could see thousands of jobs lost.

“They effects not just Kitimat, but Terrace, the Northwest region, and right across the country,” said Cullen.

Fifty percent of all aluminum products made in Kitimat are sold to the United States.

Cullen says the plant in Kitimat is not able to send out products because the cost is too high, which will, in turn, lose customers.

“When you lose mills, once they are gone they don’t tend to come back,” added Cullen.