Northern residents have the opportunity to host a classical concert in their very own living room.

Executive Director and Co-founder of Living Room Live, Nicola Davies says they are looking for volunteers to host groups around of 25 to 30 people in size in their homes.

“House concerts are quite popular, but we don’t see them that much in classical music,” said Davies.

Davies says she has been doing living room concerts for several years and decided to start her own organization this spring.

“They are so much more personalized and friendly then playing in a concert hall and we love we get to join this community for the evening,” she said.

Davies said they are looking at doing three Northern BC tours, starting in the fall of 2019.

Anyone from Prince George to Prince Rupert and even farther north can apply to host a mini concert.

Davies said to apply people just need to have a large enough space and the can submit a request via email at [email protected] or their website.