The Mister of Transportation says new app-based ride-hailing might be the solution for areas where BC transit cannot service.

Legislation was introduced earlier this week by the provincial government to allow ride-hailing companies like Lyft and Uber to enter the BC market next year.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena says, “when we get the legislation passed ride-hailing will be another opportunity for people in rural communities.”

Trevena says companies will apply to the Passenger Transportation Board for approval which takes the pressure off of municipalities.

One municipality in Ontario used Uber to replace its transit system for a set fee of $5 per ride as opposed to its costly and limited bus route.

In the Bulkley Valley, there is currently only one Taxi company and limited public transportation options.

If passed, the Passenger Transportation Amendment Act will do five things:

. ICBC to develop a modern insurance product for ride-hailing for fall of 2019.

. A new, data-driven approach to improve taxi service and ride-hailing opportunities, particularly at high-demand locations and peak times

. The development of measures to make sure people are not left stranded when traveling from one municipality to another.

. The inclusion of a per-trip fee to fund more accessibility options for people with disabilities.

. Increased enforcement of the rules with stiffer penalties for taxi and ride-hailing companies for working outside the law.

“We are committed to people having access to safe and affordable transportation… and making sure people are able to stay connected in a safe way,” said Trevena.