The Indigenous Life School provides a holistic based homeschooling program designed to keep children connected to their families and culture.

The program is based on First Nations values and integrates regular schools subjects into every cultural practice.

Molly Wickham is one of several parents participating in the indigenous Life School, homeschool program.

“The curriculum is based on the season, with each season we have a model that we use, each family can use the model to fill in what their cultural activates would be,” Wickham said.

Wickham says the program has been around for seven years, educating approximately 25 students.

She says the program is important because in a nine to five job and kids at school all day it is hard to keep them connected to their culture and family time can be scarce.

All the students get together seasonally to work together and share traditions and learn from one another’s unique backgrounds.

Wickham says the most important thing is living your culture every single day.

“I encourage any families interested in that kind of lifestyle and are interested in learning more to reach out,” said Wickham.

Those wanting to know more about how to get involved can email