The provincial government announced $5.2 Million in funding to build housing for people on the Witset reserve.

The announcement comes as part of a new plan to build 1,100 homes for indigenous people across the province.

Twenty-six of those homes will be in Witset as part of a three-story apartment building.

Executive Director of Witset, Lucy Gagnon said the new homes will allow many more people to come home.

“The apartment will include a common area to work with individuals, ensuring that they are there for the long-term and working in becoming a healthy individual,” said Gagnon.

Because of a housing shortage,she said it hard to find a place close by to live. This funding will help alleviate about 30 per cent of their waitlist.

The apartments are split up into family, couple, and single living units so Gagnon said that will factor into who they choose from the wait list.

“We are just very excited. It’s a new relationship because BC housing is a new relationship. We are really happy about this,” said Gagnon.

In addition to Witset, Kitamaat Village near Kitimat will be getting $7.5 million to build 23 homes.