President of the Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club said the proposed bill on gun restrictions is unfair to registered firearms users.

Bill C-71, the Liberal Government’s new firearm legislation is proposing further restrictions to registered firearms owners in an attempt to reduce crime.

Brian Atherton, President of the BVRGC, said more restrictions are not going to stop the people already breaking the law.

“All sorts of laws are in place already, an additional burden does not make a difference,” said Atherton.

To get a license, Atherton said people need to read a practice manual over 350 pages long in addition to passing the test and taking a course.

The proposed restricts require owners to have a permit to move a gun and prove their license is valid if they want to sell their gun.

Atherton said a ‘license should be a license’ and if you no longer have one, they should be confiscating your gun.

He adds requiring people to have permission to take theirs out is just unnecessary paperwork because the only place you can legally take a firearm in Canada besides hunting is a gun range.

“The government thinks they can write laws and not get to the root cause,” which is illegal gun use said Atherton.