Talks began today between the RCMP and Wet’suwet’en on how to end racial profiling when officers deal with First Nations people.

Chief Na’moks, Hereditary Cheif of the Wet’suwet’en says communication is the only way they are going to see change.

“It about the way they approach the situation, there are better ways to handle it then go in there with the mindset that this person needs to be removed and locked up,” said Na’moks.

He says in one case a 70-year-old elder was wrongfully accused of shoplifting and ended up getting hurt.

“There was not shoplifting involved, but it was a young RCMP officer who overreacted, and the lady ended up on the ground,” said Na’moks.

Through the talks, Na’moks said officers need to be held accountable and trained better, so they do not accuse someone of a crime based on the colour of their skin.

Na’moks say they are only going to be successful if both groups respect and listen to the others point of view.

“We don’t want them to be too sensitive. They have a job to do, but officers need to understand what are dealing with.”