The chair of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics isn’t done with Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg.

The committee put forth 26 recommendations last week after an eight-month study sparked major concerns the personal information of fellow Canadians may have been compromised by Cambridge Analytica.

Prince George-Northern Rockies MP, Bob Zimmer stated an invite was given to Zuckerberg to participate at the international grand committee in London last month where he refused to show up.

“We’re not done with Google and we’re not done with Facebook. We are just looking at what different steps we can take here but I’ve said before though I am willing to subpoena Mr. Zuckerberg in Canada and if he doesn’t show up, make a motion to the effect so we can hold him in contempt.”

As for the timeline they have to subpoena Zuckerberg, Zimmer says they can make that move until the next election season.

Curbing the spread of disinformation online is one of the things the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics would like to see from the social media giants following their findings in Ottawa.

The group issued a report called ‘Democracy Under Threat: Risks and Solutions In the Era of Disinformation and Data Monopoly’ where they take a shot at both groups following Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of Facebook earlier this year.

The Conservative Member of Parliament said in a perfect world, he would like to see these tech giants self-regulate but isn’t overly optimistic at this point.

“It’s concerning the power they really have over our lives and when you check that little box that says you accept the terms and conditions you’re really giving them license to look at your photos, watch you and look at your data 24/7 so it’s very alarming.”

“As regulators, we don’t want to limit free speech in any way but we just need to make sure public square isn’t being run by the bullies, we have an obligation to our citizens that doesn’t happen.”

Zimmer says the committee saw the “tip of the iceberg” at the beginning of all of this and now has seen how massive this thing has become and turned out to be a first-hand look at how social media platforms govern themselves, peoples information and privacy