Any pipes that are exposed, outside, or in cold walls should be protected this time of year to avoid freezing.

Heat tape is the ideal prevention method to avoid the issue. It can be found at any hardware store.

There can be serious risk if your pipes do freeze, according to Owner of Fraser Plumbing and Heating Ltd., Dan Veller.

“Flooding and water damage to the home or building of course. The other danger is that sometimes when people try to thaw them out the use torches and things like that, which can cause fires and can actually burn the building down.”

Veller said they get lots of calls for frozen pipes and split lines around this time each year. Older homes are more susceptible to this than newer homes because of stronger construction and maintenance.

When pipes freeze, the water inside them turns to ice which stops the flow of water. For hot water piping, there is an early sign you should be aware of.

“One thing that most people aren’t aware of is hot water piping will freeze much quicker than cold water piping,” Veller explained.

“If you lose your hot water first, you know that it’s cold enough to freeze and that the cold water is going to be freezing next.”

You are encouraged to call a professional if your pipes freeze to avoid any additional risk.