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87 homes, units to be built in Northwest this year: Stikine MLA

Doug Donaldson is grateful for his riding’s contributions from the beginning to the end of 2018.

The Stikine MLA says on top of battling blazes at Shovel Lake near Burns Lake and up at Telegraph Creek, the provincial government was able to approved several forms of new housing projects set to benefit low income residents, seniors, and others.

He believes 2019 will bring more opportunities in providing Northwest BC what they need most.

“There will be 87 houses and units built over the next year in 2019 and that’s something I really look forward to because having a home is an important part of being able to be a contributing community member.”

In Smithers and Telkwa, almost 25 affordable homes have been funded and approved by the province, and more than 20 new Indigenous homes will also be constructed in Witset.

While these are good highlights for the region, Donaldson, as Forests Minister, added he understands the need to be prepared for future natural disasters.

This includes the raging wildfires that can spark at any time in any community.

“We are always in a case of continual learning and continual improvement, but we’ve made some inroads on the recommendations to ensure that there’s less fuel on the forest floor and there’s better safety mechanisms at play.”

He commends the rural communities for sticking with each other and providing the simplest of aids in a difficult time.

As for his own New Year’s resolutions, Donaldson plans on training and running in more marathon races when he can, echoing the importance of personal health.

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