If you failed to follow through on your New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking, a new opportunity to quit around the corner.

It’s National Non-smoking week and Northern BC has a smoking rate of 20%, giving residents all the more reason to butt out.

Northern Health Tobacco Reduction Lead, Nancy Viney tells Vista Radio Now they are lots of great resources available for anyone wanting to kick the habit.

“Quitnow.ca is an excellent source of information and we also have the BC Smoking Cessation program where everybody in British Columbia who uses tobacco can access twelve weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy.”

“It takes several times for a lot of people to quit smoking so the more you try the better you’ll get at quitting smoking.”

She adds the week is also a good time to reach out to the younger generation on some of the danger associated with alternatives like vaping.

“It’s a really a good time for parents and coaches to talk to their children about the use of vaping products and also for the tobacco users they may be struggling with quitting and this another time for them to start again.”

National Non-Smoking Week occurs during the third week of January each year in Canada.