A Prince George woman says she had her lip bitten off by another woman in an unprovoked attack on Friday.

Over email correspondence with MyPGNow, Barker said the incident happened around 2:50 am on Friday morning after she had been drinking with a friend and had gone to sleep.

She said she’d met the woman through another mutual friend and have been close for about six months.

“I woke up to my hands tied behind my back, her on top of me continuously beating me for about 15 minutes straight,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Something came over her and she just wouldn’t stop she then proceeded to bit my lip, hold my head and pull my lip and BITE IT OFF.”

Another friend present, who had been sleeping, woke up, and after a failed attempt to pull the woman off of Barker, called the police.

“She threatened to kill me and a knife was somehow involved but she didn’t cut me or anything,” Barker wrote. 

I managed to get away from her before RCMP showed up and I locked myself in the bathroom she then attacked him and the officers when they arrived.” 

Barker said she lost a lot of blood and is waiting to see a plastic surgeon.

Prince George RCMP have confirmed there was an incident of that nature on Friday, though did not release any further information.

Barker’s original post, made at around 1:20 pm on Friday.