Ordering weed online might be simple but navigating the process to open your own shop is neither straightforward or cheap.

Some people have invested upwards of $10,000 in licenses and leases before finding out if they are even approved.

Co-Owner of Rural Leaf in Smithers, Alfred Schaefer said there’s a lot required in getting approved.

“You have to have a lease signed with somewhere for at least a year, a security check, and you have to give them a lot of information. We had to tell them everywhere we had worked since we were 18,” said Schaefer.

In addition to location, the cost of applying is $7500 plus provincial and town licenses totaling $2400 annually.

Schaefer said because its a new area of business every step takes longer from filling out forms to getting business insurance.

“The province is strict as you can imagine. They are trying to keep organized crime out of this, so they do some intense background checks,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer said while the process may be long, he is hopeful along with business partners Mike Abbot and Peter Greene they will be able to open in spring.