Life is pretty much back to normal following the Enbridge pipeline burst near Prince George last October.

According to Fortis BC, the line is now operating between 85 and 90 percent capacity as residents are no longer being asked to conserve energy.

Spokesperson Diana Sorace believes they’re much better prepared for the stretch run of the winter season.

“So we are effectively operating at normal levels for this time of year and we did procure an additional supply that we can pull from if it does get colder again so we’re actually in a very good place right now.”

Fortis BC originally reported residents may have had to reduce consumption by as much as 50% during the winter months due to the pipeline burst.

Residents came through in spades during October and November when the capacity of the ruptured line was at 80% or less.

“Consumption all across BC reduced by about 20% and that really helped folks in Prince George so we were no longer worried at that point.”

The pipeline burst affected over 700-thousand customers across the province.

In December, a rate hike was approved for the provincial utility following the October explosion near the northern capital.

“Residential customers are going to see a nine percent increase, it’s important to note though that this is an interim increase only and so it is subject to a review by the BC Utilities Commission and the permanent rates will be decided in 2019,” said Sorace.