It seems baby boomers are much bigger energy hoggers than they let on according to a recent report from BC Hydro.

The provincial hydro company says baby boomers often use double the electricity of millennials with their annual electricity costs being about $500 more.

In an interview with My PG Now, Spokesperson, Tanya Fish broke down the two demographics and stated the comparison wasn’t even close.

“We found that over 40% of baby boomers live in homes that are over two thousand square feet versus millennials where 40% of them live in homes that are under this size and millennials are three times more likely to live in homes that are smaller than 500 square feet.”

“Obviously, if you have a bigger home you’ll need a bigger heating system, more lightning and that adds up to your high electricity use and boomers are three times more likely to have a hot tub in their home and they’re twice as likely to have a pool, we also found they have a secondary fridge sometimes as well as heated flooring.”

Fish explains baby boomers also use more electricity while watching their favourite programs.

“They tend to watch more traditional television on a TV and PVR, which uses a lot more electricity than say a tablet or laptop, which millennials tend to use more to stream content and watch movies on.”

She adds Boomers are 25% more likely to have a home entertainment system and they are three times more likely to have a hot tub.